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The 6 Best Places for BBQ in Texas

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A trip to Texas would not be complete without eating BBQ! But, with so many options, where exactly is the best BBQ in Texas?

With the pounds to prove it, I’ve eaten my fair share of BBQ. But, I’ve also done some research because those pounds aren’t going on so easily – they need to be worth it!

Here’s my tried and true list of the best BBQ in Texas (in no particular order!)

best BBQ in Texas

Hutchins BBQ (McKinney) 

Easily the BEST BBQ you will ever eat in your life. Come prepared to wait in line! We try to go on the weekend and even if you arrive 15 minutes before they open, there WILL be a line.

Must Try: Brisket, Turkey, Mac & Cheese, Texas Twinkies

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Terry Black’s BBQ (Austin or Dallas)

A lot of people will tell you to try another famous BBQ place in Austin, which is constantly busy and often sells out of must try foods. Do yourself a favor and visit Terry Black’s instead!

Must Try: Ribs (I swear they must come from a dinosaur because their ribs are MASSIVE)

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Branding Iron Restaurant (Wichita Falls)

Aw, my sweet home town. Every single visit, we make a pit stop at Branding Iron to take meats back home. We’ve even made special trips JUST FOR THIS BBQ!

Helpful Tip – there are two entrances. One for to-go and the other is for dine in.

Must Try: Turkey, brisket, sausage

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Mike Anderson’s BBQ House (Dallas)

This used to be a frequent place for me to visit when I worked in Downtown Dallas. SO good and reasonably priced.

Must Try: Brisket, turkey, mashed potatoes

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Hard Eight 

Sooo good!! The atmosphere is also a true Texas BBQ experience. 

Must Try: Brisket  

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Ten 50 BBQ (Richardson)

This BBQ is a little on the expensive side but is still one of my favorites!

Must Try: Sausage, Mac & Cheese

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Best BBQ Places (According to Others)

These are the best BBQ places in Texas that I have not visited yet. But, they’re definitely on my bucket list 😉 

  • The Salt Lick (Driftwood, Texas)
  • Cattleack BBQ (Farmers Branch, Texas)
  • Snow’s BBQ (Lexington, Texas)
  • Kreuz Market (Lockhart, Texas)
  • Bodacious BBQ (Longview, Texas)

Honorable Mentions

  • Rudy’s BBQ (technically a chain but still worth the visit)

Also, these are the places not worth the visit, in my opinion, so save your money.

  • Dickey’s BBQ
  • Lockhart Smokehouse – too oily/fatty.
  • Pecan Lodge – to me, it’s overpriced and to friends, every time they go it tastes like lighter fluid. 

How many of these BBQ places have you visited? Share in the comments below where your favorite place to get BBQ is!

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