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Review of Pack Up and Go (A Surprise Travel Agency)

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Pack Up and Go is a surprise travel agency. What does that mean? Their model is simple – you enter information about what you like to do while traveling, recent places you have visited, your price range, and if you want a plane/train trip or a road trip and Pack Up and Go will take it from there! 

Do you want a weekend trip that is fully planned for you? What about a trip to a place that maybe you haven’t thought of traveling to before? Are you feeling adventurous and spontaneous? Then Pack Up and Go is the perfect company for you to try. 

This post is not sponsored. I paid for this trip with my own money and was not asked to review the company. All opinions are my own. 

Pack Up and Go Survey

It all starts with Pack Up and Go’s survey. This survey is fantastic

Please note, Pack Up & Go only plans travel in the United States. You start by choosing your method of travel (plane/train, roadtrip, or staycation). Then, one of my favorite aspects of the Pack Up and Go survey is that you can enter the cities you’ve traveled to or plan to travel to so you ensure you’re not going somewhere you’ve been before. How exciting is that?! 

This trip will be exactly what you want. With so many options to choose from about your priorities while traveling and by working with a professional company that focuses on the customer, you’re bound to have a wonderful trip. 


The Build Up

I bought my Pack Up and Go trip for a Christmas present for my mom. The trip was scheduled for Mother’s Day so we had almost 6 months of build up time. 

About a week prior to the trip, Pack Up and Go sent an email with information about the destination (but not the name of the specific destination). The information included what to pack, which airport to show up to and time, and expected weather Adrenaline and excitement were at an all-time high the week leading up to our trip! 

A few days prior to the trip, Pack Up and Go sent a packet, not to be opened until we arrived at the airport. I love the way Pack Up and Go does this because it truly feels like a spontaneous weekend getaway when you’re showing up to the airport with no idea where you’re going! 


The Trip 

Once we were at the airport, it was time to open the mysterious packet. My heart was racing as my mom and I opened the packet to discover we were going to…. DENVER! I was thrilled. Now, I wasn’t expecting to go to Denver because I had been before. But, that was my own mistake for not filling out the survey completely (I hadn’t traveled to Denver itself, just through Denver so didn’t include it as one of the places I had visited). 

Included in the mystery packet was: 

  • Destination page saying where we were going
  • Hotel Accommodation information 
  • Ideas of what to do each day (a sample itinerary) of our trip
  • Gift card for Uber 
  • Gift certificate for a massages

Now, not every packet will have the exact same thing. Not knowing how much to spend, I chose a little bit higher of a price package and after Pack Up and Go booked our flights and hotel, there was a little bit of money leftover. They bought us two massages (complete with tip), a reservation at a top restaurant in Denver, and a $25 gift card for Uber. 

This is another really fantastic aspect of working with Pack Up and Go – they will take into consideration your preferences you choose on the survey and book a few add-ons for you. I had put on the survey that I liked to relax and try new food places while traveling so they were spot on with their choices and I didn’t have to plan a single thing. Just show up and have a wonderful time! 

To read more about my trip itself, check out this article here



Pack Up and Go has been one of my favorite discoveries. Every step of the way was personalized and anyone that I interacted with was kind and professional. The flight, hotel, and itinerary was phenomenal. 

My one and only con is that you have to fully pay for the trip when you book. I know with my other trips, I have to book pieces of the trip at different times to spread out the cost so having to pay all at one time is a little difficult. I’m hoping they can set up a sort of payment plan in the future! 

One thing to note is I LOVE planning travel. But, since I’m always the one doing it, using Pack Up and Go was a breath of fresh air and allowed me to just show up and enjoy the trip itself. 

Also, I do believe the cost was worth it. You’re paying for the convenience of someone else planning your trip which is really nice. 

Should you try Pack Up and Go? 100%. For me personally, I wanted to book the next trip as soon as the first one was completed!

Some tips if you’re thinking of booking but still on the fence: 

  • Don’t be too picky.
    • If you know you like a certain seat on the airplane, put it in the survey! If you like to stay at a hotel with a little younger crowd, make note of it. You truly are in control to a certain degree. Also, Pack Up and Go cannot read your mind about your preferences. Be vocal! 
  • If you need to have every minute of a trip planned, this probably isn’t for you.
    • Pack Up and Go does the hard parts like booking travel and hotel but does not plan every minute of your trip. They will give suggestions but it’s ultimately up to you what you do. 
  • If you’re looking for a very specific trip (destination, type of trip, etc.) this is probably not the company for you. You’re better off planning your own trip if you’re wanting a very specific thing. 

If you’re looking for a little adventure and spontaneity in your life, take the leap and book a trip through Pack Up and Go! It will be one of the best and most memorable trips you ever take. 

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