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Hello! If you are interested in working with me or partnership opportunities with Journey with Bre, you’ve come to the right spot! 

If you would like a copy of my full media kit, please email me at [email protected].

Partnership Opportunities 

I would love to discuss your brand and partnership opportunities you may have to work together. Below are some examples of partnership opportunities I’m willing to discuss:

  • Sponsored IG Post
  • Sponsored Blog Post 
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Facebook Ads
  • Brand Endorsement
  • Content Creation
  • Photo & Video Production
  • Giveaway & Sampling
  • Product Review
  • Media Trips
  • Event Coverage
  • Hotel Stays
  • And so much more! Don’t see what you’re looking for, let’s chat ([email protected]). 

Why work with Journey with Bre?

Journey with Bre is an avenue for me to share life’s everyday journeys. While my main focus will be on travel, I also love sharing tips and tricks I have picked up along my many journeys in life.

My goal is to help people find excitement in the everyday, inspiration to chase their wildest dreams and to live their best version of themselves.

I am incredibly passionate about the brands and products I love and want to share that with my audience. 

All of my blog posts are promoted through various social media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) resulting in more page views and opportunities for you and your brand to be seen.

Please keep in mind that I maintain the right not to promote or review products unrelated to Journey with Bre or my brand. 

Spread the love