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Gift Guide – Top Gifts for The Homebody

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This year has created a homebody out of all of us! Being forced to stay at home all year was a dream for the homebody. This is the easiest group of people to shop for because anything will make them happy! 

Whether they need a little spruce up to their surroundings or they need tools to make their home even cozier, these are the perfect gifts for any homebody. 

the homebody

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Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows

These are the comfiest pillows you will ever buy. I will never buy any other pillows again. 

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Buffy Comforter 

Sticking with the bedroom theme, the Buffy comforter was one of the best purchases I made this year. Having hormone issues, I’m constantly hot but this comforter actually allows me to stay cool and sleep through the night. 

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23 & Me

Give the homebody a new project with the 23 & Me DNA test. Since the process is so simple, the homebody can stay home while learning about where their ancestors come from.

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Bombas Socks

These socks are so cozy! Plus, for every item you buy, they will donate an item to help fight homelessness. 

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Turkish Towels or Blanket

Lightweight and soft, these towels or blankets are perfect for the homebody. Plus, The Loomia is a small, family owned business – one of the best types of stores to support during the holidays!

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The Bartesian

This is one of the best gifts for anyone but especially the homebody. Bringing the bar and cocktails to the comfort of your own home? Score!

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Wine Bath Holder

No explanation necessary. 

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Honorable Mentions

I hope this list helps! What gifts are you going to gift to the homebody this year?

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