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Gift Guide – Top Gifts for the Men in Your Life

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Do you ever find that buying gifts for the men in your life is difficult?! For instance, my boyfriend always buys the things he wants for himself throughout the year. By the time the holidays roll around, there’s really nothing else to buy. 

Do you end up doing tons or research to try to find any ideas of what to buy the men in your life but nothing seems right? Well, I’m here to help this year because I have lived your struggle! Every year is difficult to shop for the men but not this year. I’ve gathered a list of ideas that will be perfect for any of the men in your life! 

Here are some amazing gifts for the men in your life!

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Wahl Beard Trimmer 

All the men have grown out their facial hair but they need something to help them tame it. 

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Tactical Boots

Maybe they’re thinking the zombie apocalypse is soon to come or they just need a really good pair of boots to go hiking in to practice social distancing. These boots, according to my boyfriend, are light, supportive, and comfortable! 

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100 Deadly Skills Book

To go along with the tactical boots, this book has practical ideas for survival and was written by a former Navy Seal. 

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Acoustic Guitar 

The men in your life have always wanted to learn to play an instrument. Now, more than ever is the perfect time to pick up a new skill. Plus, going with an acoustic guitar will save your eardrums while they’re in the beginning learning phase. 

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Bowers & Wilkins Headphones

These headphones are super lightweight and truly do block out all other noise. They’ll last a lifetime also! 

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Earthquake Bag 

Have the men in your life always talked about being prepared for anything? Why not buy them a fully stocked emergency bag so they can start or maybe build on to their emergency collection? 

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The Dad Lab 

This fun book will bring the science lab home and allow the man in your life to create memories with the kids. 

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Wanting to get a little bit of everything for the man in your life? Gifts for the men in your life comes easy with these boxes! They have everything for any type of man in your life from the cook to the sports guy. 

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Forever Media Conversion

Does your dad have old VHS tapes that he hasn’t watched in years? How about tons of old photos that he’d like to preserve for generations to come? Forever Media Conversion is phenomenal. They’ll convert any type of media to digital so memories will last forever. 

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Have your heard every story about your family memories? Odds are, you think you have but, you really have only scratched the surface. StoryWorth is an awesome service that sends an email to the recipient of your gift once a week with fun questions about their life. You can see a copy of what they write and at the end of the year, they’ll create a book. What a great way to preserve the memory of any family member for generations!

Order here.  

There you have it! Hopefully these ideas help or at least spark new ideas.

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