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Gift Guide – Top Gifts for The Kids

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Shopping for the kids in the family during the holidays is the best! They’re usually the easiest to shop for. But, sometimes it can be difficult because you want to get the kids something they’ll enjoy but that will also be used more than once or twice.  

This year, kids have experienced something really crazy. They may not truly know how to feel about it all (TBH – you may not either!) Now, more than ever, we need to make the holidays special for these resilient kids. 

Here are some ideas for the top gifts to buy the kids.

the kids

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I cannot wait to buy this book subscription box for my little cousins! The box comes with 5 books each month that you can try. You’ll only pay for the books you like and end up keeping. The best part is it’s separated by age group (0-3, 3-5, 5-7, 7-9, 9-12) so you know you’re receiving expertly picked books for any age. 

Order here

Osmo Creative Kit 

Another gift on the top of my shopping list is this Osmo Creative Kit. This gift allows kids to be on technology (it’s inevitable at this point) but they don’t even realize they’re learning while being on it! Plus, they have so many varieties. 

Order here

Hot Wheels Throwback 

Who doesn’t love a throwback gift? My 90’s heart is in love with this gift.

Order here

SendAFriend Stuffed Animal 

Stuffed animals are the perfect gift for the kids because they last such a long time. SendAFriend sends a stuffed animal with a personalized message and they are fully committed to sending positivity and smiles. 

Order here

Wooden Name Puzzle

This Etsy find is such a practical gift. It’s great for smaller children and can be used as decoration when not in use. 

Order here

Barbie Dreamhouse with Elevator

This is the dream Barbie Dreamhouse. Plus, I love that Barbie is starting to become more inclusive – this dreamhouse includes a wheelchair accessible elevator!

Order here

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit 

STEM toys are really cool. A toy that teaches AND is fun?? Awesome!

Order here.  

There you have it! Gifts that the kids are sure to use more than once. 

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