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Best Beachfront Hotel in Destin, Florida

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We recently went on a road trip to Florida and I swear we found the best beachfront hotel in Destin!

What’s one of the best parts about going on a beach vacation? THE VIEW! And, how close the hotel is to the beach. The Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort checked off both of those boxes. 

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best beachfront hotel in Destin

Please note, this post may contain affiliate links but I am not sponsored by anyone mentioned in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

So, why is it the best beachfront hotel in Destin??

The Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort has two sections – the bay side and the beach side. I’m sure the bay side is also beautiful but do yourself a favor and pay a little more for the beach side to wake up to views like the one below.

The resort has many different buildings. We were actually upgraded when we arrived to the Westwinds building and IT.WAS.PHENOMENAL. 

best beachfront hotel in Destin

Okay, there are pros and cons to every hotel. I’m not going to sit here and say everything about the resort was great because that would be a disservice to you! So, let’s break it down. 


  • The beach is literally less that a minute away. Take an elevator, walk across the short “bridge” and BAM! You’ve arrived to paradise. 
  • Beach views are clearly the main priority as you could see the water from every room except the bathroom. 
  • They offer great deals! We were traveling during the pandemic so it was incredibly cheap (less than $200 a night!)
  • The condo was incredibly clean.
  • Westwinds is one of the quieter condos on the beach side at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort. Just keep that in mind – if you want a more fun environment, look at the other buildings. But, if you like the quiet, Westwinds is perfect!
  • Very large pool!
    • While there was only one pool, it was very large and can hold quite a bit of people and you’d still have your own little section to yourself. 
  • Baytowne Wharf 
    • This area on the resort is a great area with restaurants, shops, and entertainment! I talked about quite a few of the restaurants on my list of best places to eat in Destin. Having so many great food and entertainment options on site was great!
    • Also, there is a free shuttle that will take you to many different stops in the resort, including Westwinds and Baytowne Wharf. 
  • Incredibly friendly staff! Sometimes, they were too chatty but it wasn’t a bad thing 🙂 


  • Since the hotel condos are privately owned, each condo could be a little different. Amenities and appliances may not necessarily be updated in the one you are in. 
    • As a clarification though, the condos are privately owned but managed by the resort. 
  • Water pressure could have been better.
    • I know this is very much a 1st world problem, but when you’re trying to get the sand out of… well, everything honestly, having horrible water pressure in the shower is not ideal. 

Additional Tips for Traveling to Destin

I would absolutely travel back to Destin. Here are some of the things I wish I knew ahead of time that might be able to help you, especially if it’s your first time!

best beachfront hotel in Destin

  • If you want to rent beach chairs and an umbrella, go to the yellow stand to the right of the entrance from Westwinds to the beach. It cost us $100 for 3 days.
  • Walking on the beach is quite a workout. Be prepared! 
  • As someone who does not visit the ocean very often, I was not prepared for all the fish nibbling at my feet in the water. Bring swim shoes if that freaks you out like it did me 🙂
  • Newbie beach goer here so I didn’t know but… sitting by the edge of the water to let the waves hit you is relaxing and all…. UNTIL you realize the sand has gone EVERYWHERE up your shorts. Fair warning. 
  • Pay attention to the flag warnings!! 
  • Know the rules if it’s sea turtle hatching season. They were posted all around the resort when we visited.
  • Pack these essential beach vacation items. 

Final Thoughts

Destin is one of those unique places that is perfect for any vacation – a honeymoon, couples vacation, weekend getaway, road trip, and family vacations! It has something for everyone.

Do yourself a favor though and stay at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort for the best beachfront view in Destin. 

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