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5 Tips to Make the Holidays Feel Special in 2020

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The holidays are fast approaching. But, this year has been… to be honest it’s been rough, confusing, aggravating, exhausting, enlightening – just to name a few. 

For a lot of people, this year brought so many changes in what felt like very little time. As soon as you caught your breath, something else would take its place. Many lost loved ones and jobs. Others found hope and new opportunities. If there is one thing we can all agree on though is that we all want to feel a sense of normalcy. Not this new normal. Just NORMAL. Even if it’s for just a couple days.

Here are my ideas on how to create a sense of normalcy and how to make the holidays this year special. 

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Decorate, decorate, and decorate some more!

We’ve been stuck at home almost all year now or at least we are now spending a good majority of our time at home. We’d typically be traveling to family members for a change of pace but this year, if you’re not able to or still feel a little leary about visiting others, why not change up the scenery at your own home! If you’d typically put a few decorations out for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, why NOT go overboard this year?! 

And, guess what? It doesn’t have to cost you a dime if you don’t want it to. Search online for some free printables to decorate all over the house. Set up your own photo booth and take fun holiday themed photos! 

Decorating and making it feel even more like the holidays will help create that sense of normalcy we’ve been craving all year. 

make the holidays special

Watch holiday themed movies

Better yet, watch holiday themed movies for the rest of the year! Make a whole night or weekend of it. Choose movies and watch one every weekend from now until New Years. 

Watching movies has always been my favorite past-time when I need to escape from reality and live in a different one for a while but holiday themed movies just set the whole mood for the season. 

Send holiday cards

Yes, the old-fashioned, handwritten type of cards. Consider including a “year in review” type of write-up telling your friends and family all of things you’ve realized this year and what you are especially grateful for, having survived this crazy year. This will also give you a chance to write out all the good things that happened this year.

Tip: If you’re not into writing your own cards, or your handwriting is just not the greatest, consider sending a card through Punkpost (not sponsored just really love this company!) I have used Punkpost for almost all of my birthday and holiday cards for a couple years now and you know what? I will NEVER go back. Punkpost artists from around the states design gorgeously unique cards based on a few notes you give them so no two cards are alike. Also, they SEND THE CARD FOR YOU! You can order and ship with a few buttons, all while in your holiday onesie. 

Dress Up!

Speaking of holiday onesies, step away from the sweats for a night and actually dress up for the holidays! Wear a costume for Halloween; find something sparkly to wear for New Years; do tacky sweaters for Christmas. Just wear something different

Tip: Create a “best costume” competition between you and your family or friends and then jump on a video call with your costumes so everyone can vote. Or, use the photo booth you set up when you were going overboard with decorations and create new moments to remember this year with – happy, fun, and light hearted memories will help you create a sense of old normal

Make your favorite holiday meal

Do you LOVE your mom’s casserole that she makes every Thanksgiving? Or, what about your grandpa’s amazing dessert that you eat every Christmas? Quite possibly, your favorite meal is something you make yourself but it’s just not the same to make it just for you. Whatever your favorite holiday meal is, find a way to make it!

If you aren’t able to actually see your family and have those favorite meals for the holidays, consider making your own version of the recipe by looking up ideas online. You could also make a day of it and video chat with that family member and learn how to make your favorite recipe from them. You’ll have that memory to look back on for years to come. If you love to cook around the holidays, but feel it’s just not the same if you’re not sharing it with family, why not find a way to make that dish and safely deliver to your family members? 

make the holidays special

Final Thoughts

I know it seems like nothing will ever be the same but this year, let’s make it a priority to create our own sense of normalcy. Whether that’s you embracing this new normal, creating your own version of a new normal, or just simply being present in your own life again. 

What one thing will you do to make the holidays special for you and your family this year? Share in the comments below or head over to Instagram or Facebook to share your thoughts. Don’t forget to tag me (@journeywithbre_blog) as I love seeing your ideas. 

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